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Aires Nuevos, Citizen's Air Quality Network for Early Childhood

Aires Nuevos is a Citizen Air Quality Network for Early Childhood in Latin-America. It was launched in 2020 and is built on a multi-stakeholder collaboration between communities, local governments, universities, and Champions for early childhood “Convergence for Action”. It is based on an air quality monitoring system with low-cost sensors to monitor and reduce children’s […]

Project´s Stages

Phase (2020)

Create the Aires Nuevos multi-stakeholders’ network across Latin America to lay the groundwork for measuring the impact of air pollution on children's health.

Phase (2021)

Develop local plans to reduce early childhood air pollution exposure by modeling participatory local government approaches.

Phase (2022)

Scale up and replicate the early childhood air pollution measurement model, as well as political advocacy for more local stringent air quality regulations and future expansion into other areas.

Media library

App Air Visual Tutorial

Tutorial to learn how to download and use the Air Visual app that provides online data on the quality of the air that children breathe and that is measured by IQAir monitors.

"Early childhood and air quality"

Loreto Stambuk, coordinator of the Aires Nuevos project, speaks at the webinar "Government, early childhood and air quality".

Champion Bernardo Aguilar (Mexico)

Participation of the champion Bernardo Aguilar (Mexico) on the Aires Nuevos project in his country.

Launching in Argentina

Launching of the "Aires Nuevos" Network in Argentina with the presence of all participating municipalities.

"Mother and child breathing clean"

Video produced by the network of champions in the Dominican Republic.

"Clean air belongs to all of us"

Video produced by the network of champions in the Dominican Republic.